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America’s premier provider of corporate and private quiz events since 2002, the Big Quiz Thing brings customized trivia games straight to you. In office high-rises, local bars and restaurants, luxury resorts, schools, private homes, and beyond, we feature the finest in quirky, custom-written quiz content and trivia puzzles, delivered by the best professional quizmasters in the business via a unique multimedia format. It’s the fun and friendly bar-trivia formula expanded into big-time quiz show entertainment, wherever and whomever you are!


The premier trivia company of San Francisco, New York, and everywhere in between: The Big Quiz Thing is the last word in corporate quiz entertainment and an exciting option for your next event.


Our trivia professionals can get your staff talking, thinking, and working together: The Big Quiz Thing’s interactive quiz productions provide the ultimate in corporate team-building fun.


The best family game ever! The Big Quiz Thing can bring the team-trivia fun to all ages: Bar/bat mitzvahs, community events, birthday celebrations, family parties, and more.

Customized fundraisers

Educational and entertaining: The Big Quiz Thing has customized trivia fundraisers for hundreds of worthy causes. Our live game shows are optimized to bring in the fun (and the funds)!

Real-life game show experience

Demand more than just a guy with a microphone for your corporate trivia event: Meet our team of professional quizmasters, eager to provide your audience with a real-life game show experience!

Every team plays via a member’s smartphone or tablet

No more golf pencils and scraps of paper: Enter the future with the Big Quiz Thing’s easy-to-use, custom-made digital answer system. Every team plays via a member’s smartphone or tablet.

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