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Our virtual games are run live via Zoom, the most popular and easiest-to-use video conferencing software. In advance of your event, we’ll send easy-to-follow instructions to share with your players, including a link for the Zoom meeting. At game time, players click on the link and they’ll see and hear our quiz show presentation, our quizmaster, and their fellow players.

The Big Quiz Thing features a tried-and-true digital trivia answer system built six years ago: One member of each team simply needs to go to on any Web browser and follow the easy log-in instructions.

If the players are already acquainted with one another, they can form groups on their own; if not, you can predetermine who will team up with whom. (The ideal virtual team size is 3–5 people.) Assuming teammates aren’t physically in the same place, they should confer via whichever method they’re most comfortable with: group text, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangout, Skype, Slack, Discord, etc. (At your request, we can make use of Zoom’s Breakout Rooms, so long as that’s agreed upon well in advance.)

We recommend 60–90 minutes for a virtual competition, but can alter it depending on your needs. We’re happy to incorporate pre- or post-show sessions to accommodate more player socializing and to allow members of your team to make announcements.

Whatever works for you. We’ve done spectacular virtual games for as few as three people and as many as 500. An ideal game features around 100 players, shaking out to about 25 teams.

Better yet, we can show you: Check out this demo video. We can also arrange a personal live demo to walk you through the show flow and format.

Each Big Quiz Thing event stars a member of our premier team of professional quizmasters: Seasoned event professionals who know just how to maximize the fun for you and your crowd. They’re assisted by a member of our back-end team, monitoring the show and available to troubleshoot and answer questions via the Zoom chat window.

For nearly two decades, the Big Quiz Thing produced the very best in in-person team-trivia game shows, though at the present we’re doing virtual events only. We hope to return to in-person events in the near future; please contact us if you’d like to discuss.

The Big Quiz Thing is a fully produced, TV-game-show style spectacular, featuring multimedia content and unique formats, specially designed to entertain and engage audiences far beyond the typical trivia geek. Moreover, our original trivia questions and puzzles—expertly crafted by some of the country’s best trivia writers—are “figureoutable”: They rely more on a creative, collaborative thinking process, rather than “you either know it or you don’t” questions. Plus, we reward wit as well as knowledge: If a team can’t even hazard a reasonable guess, they can enter a wrong-but-funny answer and earn a Smart-Ass Point.

Click here to download a document of general categories and questions. (Please get in touch if you want to see more specialized samples.)

We are experts at crafting personalized quiz content for corporate events, family occasions, and worthy causes. Please inquire about adding a custom-trivia option (or to see samples).

Each Big Quiz Thing event is customized for your event and audience’s particular needs, so the price varies (corporate events start at $1,000, with discounts for personal, fundraiser, and smaller events available). Please reach out to our sales team today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Click here, or email (or call 347-815-5276), and we’ll get started right away creating your perfect trivia experience, no matter where your team happens to be.


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